Course Statement  

  1. The focus of this Young Learners course is for students to gain experience with listening to and speaking North American English and to become more familiar with North American culture.  Apart from Brainpop ESL and Reading, and to consolidate this material, students will do a variety of activities and projects that include songs, games, pair work, role-plays, drama, and presentations. 


Course Objectives  

At the end of the trimester, students successfully completing this course will be able to:  

-Use vocabulary and expressions related to: school, describing people and objects, seasons and weather, home and family, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas 

-Form sentences/ questions/ using to be (affirmative and negative), commands, let’s, prepositions of place, phrasal verbs, personal pronouns 

-Development of Assertive Yet Calm Leadership 

-Development of Collaborative Learning Skillset and Creating Within A Community Mindset

-Development of Learning and Processing Strategies for Each Individual Child (Learning Road Map) 

-Practice etiquette in everyday life with phrases like: 

  • May I please..... 

  • Would you like..... 

  • My name is.... 

  • Excuse me..... 

  • Pardon me.... 

  • Nice to meet you... 

  • Please, thank you and you are welcome.... 


  1. Course Requirements and Assessment: 

  • Attendance and class participation (25%) 

  • Class assignments (25%) 

  • Projects and presentations (20%): There will be one “show and tell” presentation this trimester. 

  • Vocabulary notebook (10%): Students will keep records of new vocabulary and expressions. 

  • “Show What you Know” (20%): At of each unit students will be assessed on the material in the Brain Pop ESL unit and in the reading a-z materials 


Passing grade: Students must achieve 70% of the course requirements in order to receive a passing grade.  

The teacher will send a report card home at the end of the trimester.  

Holidays (no class): October 12th , November 9th and December 7th  

Last Day of Class: December 16th, 2021